Once a while, there is a doctor in Dutch whose mother had terrible cancer. His mother told to him to kill herself, but he refused her hope. Then, her mother tried to do suicide because she thought that she couldn’t fight against her illness, but her effort failed and it just made serious injury on her body. She kept try to kill herself again and again, but the result was same. Since this made the doctor was frustrated, finally, he injected her mother with poison and got his mother die. The doctor’s deed is called euthanasia or a comfortable and smooth death, a death which brings to happiness (oxford dictionary). Although it seems that it has no problem, it is still a controversy since it divides people’s opinion into two sides: agree and disagree.

There are some people who agree euthanasia isn’t false because every human has a freedom and human right. They think that human have autonomy to decide their destiny, as long as it won’t disturb others right. Euthanasia also suffering people’ freedom to free them from all illness, it is true that we must give a help to clear others sufferings. Then, euthanasia is a way for unproductive people and just make a big cost for their “tool dependence” life, people like this will be better to die than be a problem for another people ( Yuantoro, 2005).

Money is the main part of people that want and agree with euthanasia. Keeping somebody alive on life support is extremely expensive; “About 80% of one’s lifetime medical expenses are incurred in the last three weeks of life—mostly because of the high costs of life support and intensive care says Pallone,”. It is surprising enough data when almost of us don’t know and don’t care about their health.

On the other hand, many people believe euthanasia is wrong. They gave logic argumentation like every human have sad feeling when loss someone, human also have affection that make human not easy to take euthanasia. There is also a development on technology which to give a life chance to the patient. When someone decide to take euthanasia, we can’t know whether  he  is really in lot of pain or he isn’t really in lot of pain and seeking for sensation. Furthermore, there is Allah which give life to us, thus we must struggle in life and believe Allah will help His creature.

When euthanasia is legalized by government like in Dutch, there is a frightening statistic. , “25,300 cases of assisted suicide (euthanasia) occur each year… This represents 19.4% of all deaths,” (McCord). Because of legalized euthanasia, more and more people who feel depressed, isolated, and lonely want to take it.

The people who took euthanasia may be didn’t think about afterlife, will God accept him or not? Both of Islam and Christian had forbidden it in its Qur’an and Bible. Life is so beautiful that so many people love it and feel scary to the death, then why we must leave the life fast with euthanasia? Are you a fainthearted who only want to take the beautiful life without consequences? Do you recognize how many people whom you make them cry when you take euthanasia?  If you do not know the answer, lets we try to fight the life and throw away your idea about taking euthanasia.


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