The Negative Effects of Football

The Negative Effects of Football

Nowadays, sport has grown bigger. It is not only as a way to get health, but also as an industry which produces much money. More and more people enter sport world, especially football world. It has become the number one sport in the earth since it makes men and women, young and adult and almost people in the world are crazy about it. Many of them think that football is their soul , so they will do the best for it. But, it is often that football does not give its best for its fans because football has negative effects for them.

First, football can decrease its fans health. When we are watching football match, we often palpitate because increasing heart rate until more than 70 times per minute. As a result, you may get hypertension, hypertrophy on left ventricle, atherosclerosis or even heart attack. Even after football match over, stress can appear for those who get his favorite team lose. Therefore, they tend to be angry easily and cause conflict, riot and hooliganism.

Besides that, fans daily activities can be disturbed. Eat and pray for moslem is the example since the fans prefer watch football match which is held in premiere time at 7 p.m. until 11 p.m. than eat or pray. There are also football match which is held on early morning, it will make fans try to stay awake until the match is over. Then, that behavior will make the fans late to wake up. Sometimes, fans will not late to wake up but they still sleepy and tired so they become lazy to study or work.

The football negative effects are not only decreasing fans health and disturbing fans daily activities but creating financial problems for fans. Indonesian is lucky because they can watch football match free while abroad fans must pay much money to watch football match. For example, English Premiere League watching right in 2008 is $ 25 million per season for the television and $ 1.200 per season for those who want to watch it .To show their love to their favorite teams, fans usually buy favorite team goods like sticker, ball or jersey which cost from Rp. 1000,- until more than € 49 ( Rp. 700.000,-). The worst thing that can make fans get serious financial problems is gambling because it can make fans loss million dollars.

As we have seen, it is true that football has negative effects for fans health, daily activities, and their finance health. However, all problems mentioned above will not appear if we are not too much love football or our favorite team. Therefore, we should control and limit our love for football in order to prevent its problems. We can love football as long as we know and realize its negative effects.


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